I really wanted to try my hand at amigurumi crochet and was really excited to find this free step-by-step tutorial video for a little obi-wan.

(for more Star Wars crochet patterns see ToyGurumi by Antika on YouTube)

I made this for my friend and I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I think if I were to try to make this again I would use a slightly smaller hook and pay a bit more attention to putting his beard on evenly..... lol

I started to make the cloak but decided not to finish it. By that point I was kind of burnt out on this project and I was happy with how it looked without it.

Materials and Tools

  • Acrylic yarn size 4 - Medium/Worsted
    • Boots: CraftSmart Value - Dark Chocolate
      • (btw this has since been rebranded as Loops & Threads Soft Classic)
    • Legs: Loops and Threads Impeccable - Heather
    • Top: Loops and Threads Impeccable - Aran
    • Face and Hands: Lion Brand Skein Tones - Peachy
    • Hair: Lion Brand Skein Tones - Mahogany
  • Crochet Hook Size 2.75mm
  • Yarn Needle
  • Safety eyes
  • Poly-fil
  • Project Completed November 2022
    Page Created April 16 2024