Monday April 22 2024

While working on this website the last two weeks, I have been visiting a few different branches of the local library system to use their computers with the nice big monitors. Fortunately my 10 year old laptop HAS been cooperating with me lately but I prefer to work on the large monitor machines bc I can keep two tabs open side-by-side as I edit pages and reload the site to check them. I also just like getting out of the house lol!

A few days ago I decided I would like to visit all of the libraries in the county. There are 35 branches in total (plus a bookmobile) and before starting this project I had already been to 8 of them. I visited a 9th on Friday.

I plan on ranking them based on my own personal critera for what makes a library great: layout of computer area, overall vibes, and smell. I am still deciding what to call them and how much information I will share bc i dont really want to stright up tell randos on the internet the places i like to hang out.

I'm also still trying to decide what part of the site this should go in. i really dont want to add a new section bc i would have to edit every single page to get it to work right. Maybe it can be on the BONUS page.


IN OTHER NEWS my "summer" left arm driving sunburn-that-turns-into-a-suntan is returning in a major way. I dont care so much about having my two arms entirely different colors but i would like to reduce my risk of skin cancer... and tbh i hate putting on sunscreen. I was thinking that there are probably products already made to be sun-protection sleeves. Just checked and there ARE... but it just feels kind of goofy to me to BUY a SLEEVE. I also just feel like everything is cheap nowadays and it's hard to know what you're getting. I would probably be mad if i ordered a sleeve and it tore after a few weeks or it didnt fit on my arm. I also am trying to buy more things second-hand, so i think i am going to look and see if i can find a sun-protector shirt in a thrift store or on ebay or poshmark. If its a tight athletic-style shirt I could cut the sleeves off and wear one on its own, or if its a lightweight button-up camping/fishing kind of shirt i could just throw it on over my clothes when i'm driving. I'll just have to see what my options are and if anyone is selling something in my size.