HOMCOM Display Case

My Rating:★★★☆☆

Product number: 833-761GY
Materials: Particleboard, Glass
Dimensions: 3.75"D x 31.5"W x 23.5"H
Weight: 23 lbs
Seller: Target, Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Wayfair, et al.
Price: $68.99
Colorways available: White, Black, Black/white, Grey wood-look

Assembly Required

Parts Included: Top, bottom, 2 sides, back, 2 glass doors, 4 shelves, 16 shelf pegs, 2 mounting brackets, hole cover stickers, screws for assembly, screws and drywall anchors for mounting

Tools Required: Screwdriver - phillips head, drill for mounting to wall
Advised additional supplies: Z-hanger/metal french cleat

I was looking for a way to display my Star Wars figures on the wall and found this. I was surprised that there were not very many similar options in this price range. Many of the other display shelves in this size category had fixed-height shelves. I would have preferred to have one with acrylic windows instead of glass so it would not be so heavy.

Assembly was simple and instructions straightforward, but I did find it odd that it said to put the shelves in before attaching the back. They can still be added or removed after the cabiinet is completed and it is easier to mount without them in.

After reading reviews from the various sites it is sold on, it seems that I was lucky to get one without any major flaws. The only problems with mine were very minor. The back panel did not line up exactly and hangs over a few mm at the top edge, and the glass doors do not glide easily. Neither of these defects impact the appearance or function enough to cause a problem for ME but a more discerning customer may be dissatisfied.

My main concern with this product is that the two included mounting brackets were very small and can only be attached to the side panels which are 31 inches apart. Even though drywall anchors can supposedly support up to 50 pounds, I wanted this to be mounted to the studs in the wall. The included hardware did not allow for that. After some research I chose to use a Z-hanger/metal french cleat system to mount the cabinet. I used the widest one that would fit on the cabinet, which maybe is overkill as it is rated for up to 300 lbs... but considering this is over part of my bed and we do have the occasional earthquake I figured there's nothing wrong with a stronger mount. This method also made it much easier for me to mount the cabinet by myself, as I would have not been able to hold it up to screw it into the wall one side at a time without assistance.

Overall I am mostly satisfied with this purchase. It meets my needs and I was able to easily modify it to ensure it was mounted securely. It has only been on the wall for a week so far, so I will have to see how it holds up before I decide if I would consider buying another one as my collection grows.

  • Neat appearance
  • Easy to assemble with just a screwdriver
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Heavy
  • Glass is breakable and shows fingerprints easily
  • Shelf spacing is uneven
  • Included mounting system may be insufficient
Things to Consider

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