Asajj Ventress

The beloved bald baddie

Not sure which one i will get....

Series: Clone Wars 2D Microseries
Scale: 3.75"
Year: 2003
Ebay Price: $15-30
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Series: The Clone Wars Collection
Scale: 3.75"
Year: 2008
Ebay Price: $25-60
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Series: The Black Series
Scale: 6"
Year: 2021
Ebay Price: $35-60
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Another of the characters that's high priority on my figure wishlist is Asajj Ventress. There are a few different figures of her, but these are the three that I am considering.. And unfortunately all three of these tend to go for more than I'd really like to pay for one figure.

I Like how the design of the one from the original 2d Clone Wars cartoon is different from the other two, and I think it's cooler bc its kinda more ~obscure~.. if u can call anything star wars obscure lmao.. I will have to revisit her story in that version. I had it on dvd as a kid but i dont remember it...

The second choice is the 2008 Clone Wars version. I like that she comes with a little Dooku hologram. There are also a few different options for clone wars Obi-Wan figures of this scale that I like and I think they would make a nice pair. #ventrobi <3 The main thing I dislike about this figure is her face. I think this was a major missed opportunity for a really expressive sculpt.

The last one I am considering is the Black Series version, which overall is very nice. I like her face and I like that her proportions are more natural than the crazy crap they did in cartoons. As I was checking things for this page i just noticed that there is ALSO a really nice Clone Wars Obi-Wan in this series. It has the face-sculpt I like most of ALL the Obi-Wans I've seen so far. The only problem is that it's being resold for a bajillion (40-100) dollars bc it was a Target exclusive.

I haven't had the chance to see any of these in-person so i am going to just wait and see if I encounter one at any of the upcoming events in my area and maybe that will help me decide... Might also be cheaper that way since I wouldn't have to pay shipping.

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