Luke Skywalker (ANH Deleted Scene)

again sorry for poop images i stole from ebay... i'm just being too lazy to take my own pics lol

Series: Power of the Force
Scale: 3.75"
Year: 1999
Ebay Local Pickup

I found this figure while browsing ebay for items available for local pickup. I really love his floppy bucket hat and goggles.

There is also a Black Series version of Luke with this hat that comes with his land speeder AND MORE IMPORTANTLY HIS PONCHO, but current resale prices for that set on ebay range from $50 to ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS which is absurd.

I will probably make a poncho for him just for laughs.

why is this photo from
wookieepedia like 10 pixels ??
why does it not seem to exist
anywhere at a higher resolution??

The "flashback photo" thingy shows a photo of young Anakin on tatooine when you pull the tab.

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